Google Pixel 3 Lite Review

Google Pixel 3 Lite Review & leaks

what’s up everyone welcome to the
channel and Rho news different exclusive
gadgets often come to our hands and
we’re here to tell you about them in
time without waiting for official
presentations and today I want to tell
you about the Google pixel 3 light
smartphone codenamed sargo which will be
in the market in the spring exactly
after the Google i/o conference we had a
chance to get a pre-production sample so
let’s see what kind of smartphone it is
now let’s find out if it’s worth our
attention let’s start with the obvious
things pixel 3 light is a cheaper
version of the pixel 3 which was
introduced in early October both devices
are very similar in appearance but there
are still some differences for example
the whole body in Google pixel 3 light
is made from plastic instead of metal
and glass and pixel 3 and the power
button has a brighter color than in
pixel 3 the SIM card tray is now on the
left side not the bottom one the main
camera doesn’t have an additional
out-of-focus sensor and there’s only one
front camera while pixel 3 has 2 front
cameras moreover pixel 3 has 2
multimedia speakers on the front panel
while the lite version has only one
which is located on the bottom there is
also a type C and a microphone on the
top there is a second microphone and a
standard audio jack I’d like to mention
that pixel 3000 have it the device is
quite compact it lies comfortably in
your hand and can be easily used with
one hand without any problems now you
can see the specifications of pixel 3
light on your screen and that want to
pay attention to the snapdragon 670
processor the new chipset is so new that
many popular benchmarks still don’t know
how to properly recognize it the
processor is very good by itself and its
power will be enough but the vast
majority of people even in the future
another important point is that the
smartphone is only 32 gigabytes of local
memory and I understand that for many
people it may seem so small but Google
relies on its cloud service because when
you buy a Google pixel you get unlimited
cloud storage of your photos and videos
in original quality without compression
at least for next two years
by the way sagar shows almost the same
speaks all three in terms of the battery
life in general it’s not surprising
because it’s a strong side of all pixel
smartphones but let’s move on to the
most interesting part the camera I know
that many people want to buy Google
pixel not because of the materials not
for pure Android and quick updates but
only because of the camera and if it’s
really like that then I can help you
save a lot of money because pixel three
lights takes the same quality photos as
the pixel three you can see examples of
photos on your screen now if you need
only camera and nothing more then
there’s no point in wasting more money
for more expensive versions of this
smartphone so this was the first quick
review of Google pixel three alight if
you still have any questions about the
smartphone feel free to leave comments
and ask we’ll be happy to answer and
help you we promise to show you another
exclusive reviews in the future
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