Hp spectre x360 15-ch011dx

Hp spectre x360 15-ch011dx Hands On Review

  1. Hey what’s up guys so this is obviously
  2. going to be an unboxing of the 2000 18th
  3. model of HP Spectre x-360 is this
  4. Spectre so basically there was a foil
  5. around here but the guy at the shop you
  6. know open it up and it already hurt my
  7. soul to watch him open it but you know I
  8. thought I wanted to just see the laptop
  9. I I just want to see the convertible if
  10. it’s you know if it’s okay if it’s if
  11. it’s the one you know because I never
  12. saw it before I just saw it online so
  13. just want to see it for real you know
  14. and then he wanted to open it up even
  15. more in SN a stop and so yeah let’s keep
  16. going here it is so basically you wanted
  17. to open up even that you know like take
  18. the foil off and I was like nah Lily
  19. leave that for long cuz you know the joy
  20. of opening that I just wanted to share
  21. that with you guys you know so let’s get
  22. let’s get into it let’s let’s do so
  23. first of all we have to open it up here
  24. that’s the backside wondering
  25. Cinelli other side alright I’m doing
  26. this with one hand cuz I literally have
  27. nothing for a minute it’s my phone but
  28. you know what guys it doesn’t matter
  29. right the the only thing that’s
  30. important is you know that you see what
  31. you see here right so that’s all that’s
  32. all that matters okay so we open it and
  33. now we’re gonna switch it over now I’m
  34. not gonna do that like that so yeah I’m
  35. obviously going to do it like this with
  36. magic
  37. what do you think so that’s the CHP
  38. Specter makes 36 so let’s let’s open it
  39. I’m sure you’re getting tired of my
  40. magic right but maybe next time I’ll do
  41. it with help magic but now you know
  42. right now we need magic okay so you can
  43. see me with my phone
  44. literally filming the whole thing at
  45. just in my living room so yeah you know
  46. no just just keeping it real you know
  47. you don’t need i know setting studio
  48. whatnot anyway so let’s get back to the
  49. beautiful spectre x360 you can see there
  50. you go there you go that’s that’s
  51. amazing you know like feels so good oh
  52. yeah let’s let’s open up more okay so
  53. let’s see okay there’s something about a
  54. pen I guess it’s no that’s laptop oh how
  55. did I see that as a nevermind forget
  56. that you know what
  57. not only the specter does look good but
  58. this thing here does look good – oh my
  59. God look at it
  60. look at that see you see it feels so
  61. good it’s it’s just oh it looks so good
  62. and smart like power bank it’s oh and we
  63. got this obviously and we got this as
  64. well and if you’re asking yourself what
  65. does that thing do in there like why do
  66. you need that what for yeah obviously
  67. for a SIM card uh so yes
  68. this Specter does have a slot for a SIM
  69. card and it does support LTE and 4G so
  70. rocket baby so that’s about it and oh
  71. the packet is so so beautiful look look
  72. at that shiny no if every package was as
  73. beautiful as this one I would never
  74. throw my package away I would just you
  75. know I have a collection of that so
  76. let’s have another look at the HP
  77. Spectre 2 as you can see here do you see
  78. that yeah that diamond-cut that’s the
  79. diamond-cut brother yeah so yeah it’s
  80. it’s the most important feature that’s
  81. the most important feature you get you
  82. know that’s that’s the most important
  83. thing right here
  84. right yeah it’s the diamond-cut you got
  85. the diamond-cut you don’t need anything
  86. else there you go you see that tsimko
  87. yeah so just amazing so right now I
  88. plugged it in to you know charge it and
  89. start it so you guys can see the
  90. starting screen or maybe a little bit
  91. more and just just just tell me did you
  92. know to something right now do do you
  93. know to something yeah you do yeah yeah
  94. oh my God look at that
  95. it’s it’s at the corner it’s right there
  96. you see do you see that what what oh
  97. okay so now we’re turning it on okay one
  98. moment please one moment
  99. so in the US committing fraud fund so
  100. now we have to decide between German and
  101. English and I don’t know I don’t know to
  102. be honest should I go with the German I
  103. should go with English right now yes yes
  104. yes we will go with the English just now
  105. just just for now so I’m Cortana and I’m
  106. here to help
  107. hi a little sign in here
  108. a touch of wife either and we’ll have
  109. your PC ready for all you plan to do use
  110. your voice or the keyboard along the way
  111. and if you like me to stay quiet
  112. just select the little microphone icon
  113. towards the bottom of your screen if you
  114. need an assistive screen reader press
  115. the windows control and enter keys at
  116. the same time to turn on the rater okay
  117. enough intro let’s dig in your keyboard
  118. is set to German would you like to stick
  119. with that right now yes do you also type
  120. with another keyboard layout ad layout
  121. which language do you want to use for
  122. your second keyboard layout English
  123. English English oh wait
  124. American British British I don’t know
  125. okay now let’s let’s just add English
  126. how many keywords are they so yeah let’s
  127. I’ve got that you want to use Arabic
  128. Lebanon is that right seriously which
  129. keyboard layout do you want to add
  130. [Applause]
  131. seriously okay no way which cue I didn’t
  132. say again which Q&A; I will be like do
  133. you see that you want to use her do No
  134. let’s go
  135. Arabic 101 ready 1 oh come on Andy
  136. no I just said central ok don’t let me
  137. hold you up
  138. what just pick the one you want from the
  139. list yeah I’m just gonna go with Persian
  140. just just why anyways let’s get you
  141. connected to a network it was funny to
  142. talk to her so I don’t know
  143. I’m sure she’s not as sophisticated as
  144. her sisters but you know Zod now let’s
  145. see what’s new from windows ok so next
  146. up vocal stuff what not in short you’ll
  147. need to select except to use Windows you
  148. can decline but then you know no windows
  149. why is she so cool ok yeah yeah thank
  150. you she she just did look for me except
  151. then ok cool yeah just amazing I like it
  152. so now let’s link your phone and PC
  153. using a Microsoft app that can work some
  154. magic between your devices will send you
  155. a text to get everything set up just
  156. type your phone number and press send
  157. ok guys so I was kind of interested in
  158. the apps so I was like yeah you know I’m
  159. gonna get a link to get the first step
  160. so I was like yeah I’m down I’m down so
  161. you know what was the first step I got
  162. Microsoft edge freaking it was freaking
  163. Microsoft edge that’s a measly like why
  164. would I get Microsoft edge for my phone
  165. like once you automatically save files
  166. and photos to onedrive for some added
  167. peace of mind know just know your PC
  168. comes with a free 30-day trial of office
  169. five wow did we get it ready for you to
  170. use you know what yes and I did so
  171. here’s where you add your credit card
  172. details you know she is so good you know
  173. first of all you know she got my phone
  174. number now she wants my credit card you
  175. know like oh uh no just skip for now no
  176. okay look that’s me
  177. Cortana can I have permission to use the
  178. info I need to do my best work okay now
  179. you want to see my contacts a very
  180. clever girl you know she she’s oh she
  181. got our age with a credit card but now
  182. getting him from me Cortana nah okay so
  183. now we’re in and the first thing that
  184. pops up HP jumpstart is an ad for
  185. Dropbox
  186. seriously guys no this is it this is a
  187. oh okay I almost forgot wait yeah yeah
  188. yeah this is just beautiful like look at
  189. that look at that oh my god this Specter
  190. look at it look at it okay cool so yeah
  191. that’s that’s about it and um I don’t
  192. know guys
  193. it would really help me out if you if
  194. you if you would subscribe you know like
  195. share you know tell your friends about
  196. the spectre and about the guy who and
  197. boxed it thank you very much appreciate
  198. it see you next time oh and by the way
  199. I’m gonna edit the very first video this
  200. video with the HP Spectre yes I’m gonna
  201. edit it with this right here
  202. we got one more thing left
  203. [Music]
  204. this comes PHP so let’s help it
  205. let’s see what’s what’s that since I’m
  206. okay so it’s a bag
  207. English (auto-generated)

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