huawei mate 20 pro review

Huawei mate 20 pro review

  1. alright guys another video here so
  2. today’s video is completely different
  3. than most of my videos getting into this
  4. now I’m starting to do more tips /
  5. advice / tech reviews on my channel and
  6. today’s video is all about drum
  7. the whole huawei mate 20x boner
  8. guys I’ve owned this phone for about a
  9. month and a half now I bought it in
  10. China and I own it now and this phone is
  11. actually I’m not sure if you can buy it
  12. in Canada yet but this phone is awesome
  13. and I’ll explain to you coming right up
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  16. so first of all this is a Chinese made
  17. phone you guys all know hawawa is going
  18. after Apple right now those those two
  19. are going at for like the number one
  20. company in the world to make phones
  21. right now so just the specifications on
  22. this phone it’s absolutely amazing as
  23. you can see it literally has four
  24. cameras on it so there’s three on the
  25. back you can see there and then it has
  26. so I can put my hand there that’s a
  27. touch screen and then it also has
  28. there’s three there and then there’s one
  29. on the front here so it has four cameras
  30. that’s right four cameras guys on this
  31. phone first of all the specs are
  32. absolutely insane this is probably the
  33. best phone that i’ve ever had because i
  34. used to have the iphone 6 before this so
  35. let’s get into the specs okay so the
  36. specs are the weight of it is 232 grams
  37. it was available in October 2018 and had
  38. front slash back glass and aluminum
  39. frame SIM card it has dual SIM so
  40. there’s two SIM cards one for your
  41. normal SIM card and then one you
  42. have as like an extra memory card or
  43. whatever you want to put in there or an
  44. SD card or whatever you want to put
  45. which is awesome because this phone here
  46. comes with 128 gigabytes so yeah a lot
  47. of a lot of memories so you can imagine
  48. putting another SD card in there for
  49. another 128 gigabytes amazing right but
  50. Syd am olt touchscreen with 16 million
  51. colors this this thing is amazing this
  52. this phone is the best camera phone on
  53. the market bar none I’ll show you guys
  54. later on how amazing these photos are so
  55. the size of the screen is also the
  56. biggest biggest screen on the market
  57. right now so depends what kind of phones
  58. you guys like if you like the big phones
  59. or the small phones this is 7.2 inches
  60. so you can see from here to there 7.2
  61. inches is huge it barely fits in my
  62. pockets so sometimes when I’m walking
  63. around or if I have shorts I can barely
  64. fit in my pocket but that’s fine and
  65. eighty by twenty to forty four pixels
  66. and Corning Gorilla Glass so that’s
  67. quite amazing as well it’s an Android
  68. phone 9.0 and EMU so it has EMU 9 so it
  69. has an AI chip in it so obviously
  70. artificially intelligence chip in it
  71. this phone is so awesome in its own way
  72. using two SIM cards so you can do 128
  73. already in it and then you can put
  74. another 128 in it so it’s awesome for
  75. the typical person that’s either gonna
  76. vlog or is gonna take pictures with it
  77. and this thing takes professional
  78. pictures and I’ll show you six gigabytes
  79. of RAM as well so let’s talk about the
  80. cameras the cameras are amazing so the
  81. it has three three cameras on the back
  82. and one for a selfie camera on the front
  83. so 40 megapixels @f 1.8 and it has a
  84. wide option for this so you can do
  85. wide-angle shots that’s right you don’t
  86. need to buy one of those fisheye lens or
  87. anything this camera has a built-in
  88. wide-angle lens it is amazing I’ll show
  89. you guys I’m actually going to go out
  90. and do a little bit of filming and some
  91. pictures and stuff after this but I’m
  92. just giving you guys the specs for now
  93. so 40 megapixels at
  94. one point eight twenty seven millimeters
  95. wide 20 megapixels at F two point two
  96. and then eight megapixels at F two point
  97. four so unbelievable so if you guys have
  98. ever heard about Leica this is what this
  99. thing has it’s it’s like a– and Leica
  100. is some of the best best technology out
  101. there right now as far as my photography
  102. goes for phones dual LED dual tone flash
  103. it has panorama so I can do panorama
  104. shots and it also has HDR so if you do
  105. HDR shots as well and I’ll show you guys
  106. that I’m gonna record on the phone and
  107. I’ll show you that but it bridges we’re
  108. just going over specs video that’s also
  109. very important
  110. it has 2160p so almost 4k at 30 frames
  111. per second and has 1080p as 60 frames
  112. per second 1080p at 30 frames per second
  113. and 720p and 960 frames per second so
  114. you can tell that’s that’s quite a bit
  115. right yes so the selfie camera so if you
  116. guys do like to do selfies right holding
  117. this thing up like this I get a lot of
  118. looks I have to say a lot of looks of me
  119. trying to take selfies like this is what
  120. camera is that oh my god where did you
  121. get that camera it’s huge right so the
  122. selfie camera is 24 megapixels that’s
  123. right 24 megapixels @f 2.0 so selfies
  124. are are pretty good they’re solid it has
  125. hgr capabilities as well just like any
  126. other phone these days an HDR speakers
  127. on this guy’s the audio is so good its
  128. Dolby Atmos so this is the first phone I
  129. think that’s out there on the market
  130. that has Dolby Atmos in their phone so
  131. I’m literally sitting here watching
  132. youtube videos on this thing and I have
  133. this little back thing for it I’ll show
  134. you I have this little back thing here
  135. so you can put it down and it’ll hold
  136. like that I can watch my youtube videos
  137. and yeah it’s very very handy to have
  138. and I got this as well so if you guys
  139. are looking for something this is a
  140. magnet so whenever you’re in your car
  141. you can just kind of hook it onto there
  142. and you can use navigation or whatever
  143. you want to do for it in the car it’s
  144. really really handy
  145. dolby atmos it has stereo speakers this
  146. thing is amazing the audio quality is
  147. spectacular I’d use the wide-angle
  148. filming on this and that’s what I’m
  149. gonna be showing you guys it has 32 bit
  150. 384 killer kilohertz audio Dolby Atmos
  151. sound active noise cancellation with
  152. dedicated mic so yeah so I’m a believer
  153. can put it in a microphone and Jack in
  154. this yes it has a microphone jack eho
  155. right there right there it has a jack
  156. right so you can put them a jack in
  157. there if you want which is awesome and
  158. then it has supercharged ability guys so
  159. right here you put in your normal
  160. charging cable and it has supercharged
  161. so if you get the mate 20 Pro version it
  162. has wireless charge but this one has
  163. supercharged which is awesome as well
  164. the mate 20 Pro has supercharged as well
  165. but this is the X this is the bigger
  166. version also with whole Huawei phones if
  167. I have another Huawei phone I put it up
  168. against one another let’s say this phone
  169. here I don’t have phone right now but
  170. let’s just say this phone here has no
  171. battery I put this phone up to here then
  172. my phone will wirelessly charge it so
  173. that’s amazing no other phone on the
  174. market has that you put your phone’s up
  175. against one another and you can charge I
  176. can give this phone battery what I know
  177. right that’s crazy right USB connector
  178. you know stuff like that
  179. fast fast battery charging 2012 20 2.5
  180. watt it has fingerprints face technology
  181. activation for security so you can use
  182. face you can do fingerprints yeah it’s a
  183. absolutely insane phone and it’s 5000
  184. mega mega amps of battery so I don’t
  185. know if you guys know that’s the best on
  186. the market better than iPhones
  187. capabilities I can use this phone
  188. literally for three days straight
  189. non-stop and I won’t have to charge it
  190. that’s how awesome this phone is and the
  191. super charging ability I think it
  192. charges in about half an hour I’ll show
  193. you guys later on the video just how
  194. amazing it is
  195. supercharging ability I got the midnight
  196. blue so this is the midnight blue color
  197. there’s a whole bunch of colors that
  198. come with it and the price tag on it is
  199. about 800 euros so I got it and when I
  200. was in China for about 900 Canadian so I
  201. don’t know if you guys know but that
  202. alone is about half the price of the
  203. newest iPhone X model I don’t know what
  204. is it the iPhone XS and I lost track
  205. yeah so this phone in my opinion all
  206. beats the Apple phone is the best phone
  207. on the market and the cheapest for what
  208. you’re getting if you guys are looking
  209. to get into into hawawa phones this is
  210. the phone to get this phone is so good I
  211. don’t need to have another phone
  212. probably for the next 10 years I say 10
  213. years who knows maybe we could be three
  214. four years but you know you get the
  215. drift but anyways this phone is amazing
  216. battery specs camera wide-angle lens and
  217. four cameras on it that’s right four
  218. cameras can it get any better guys whole
  219. Huawei is at the next level
  220. this phone is literally at the next
  221. level I honestly could probably vlog
  222. with this if I wanted to but the phone
  223. is so big that it’s hard you know you
  224. can hold it you can vlog with it but I
  225. prefer using my DSLR camera that we’re
  226. using right now but anyways I’m gonna go
  227. outside guys I’m gonna do some tests of
  228. video and I’m gonna show you guys some
  229. pictures so this has portrait mode I
  230. know all the other phones have Porsche
  231. remote but wait until you see the
  232. picture quality on this portrait mode
  233. I’ll show you guys some pictures so
  234. before I show you guys what it looks
  235. like I just want to show you guys this
  236. look at how big the phone is if you kind
  237. of look at it this way
  238. it’s literally almost bigger than my
  239. hands it’s crazy right
  240. it is freakin cold outside because I’m
  241. in Vancouver Canada right now it is
  242. freezing outside but I’m gonna embrace
  243. myself I’m gonna go out and get some
  244. pitchers and shoot some video with this
  245. and show you guys a more detailed full
  246. review on this so
  247. alright let’s put on my cold winter
  248. clothes and let’s go outside alright
  249. here we are guys so I’m testing it out
  250. on the normal screen right now this is
  251. not wide-angle screen but this is normal
  252. screen as far as video capability goes
  253. so let me know what you guys think as
  254. far as the audio quality is and all that
  255. stuff cuz I’m just about to test out
  256. everything else got my nice little new
  257. backpack but I got I’ll tell you guys
  258. about that later I will do another
  259. review on that but right now I’m
  260. actually looking at some beautiful
  261. scenery so I’ll stop the video here and
  262. then we’ll flip it into wide-angle and
  263. I’ll show you guys what wide-angle looks
  264. like alright so here we are guys this is
  265. wide-angle how amazing is this so this
  266. is basically where I live in Vancouver
  267. and so wide-angle is amazing because for
  268. one option it gives you a variety of so
  269. many things you can do slow motion with
  270. it and you can see so much more than a
  271. normal camera would as you can see how
  272. beautiful it is here so I’m just down at
  273. the pier here and my hometown of
  274. Vancouver and there’s my hometown in the
  275. background but just doing a 360 years so
  276. you guys can kind of see how good the
  277. wine angle is on this but it’s freezing
  278. here guys it’s getting really really
  279. cold but it’s nice because I can go a
  280. wide angle and then I can just zoom
  281. right in and then you can see the
  282. zooming capabilities on this are quite
  283. spectacular but it’s in wine angle so
  284. it’s a little bit different there we go
  285. so you know look at that beautiful right
  286. so that’s wide angle mode for you it
  287. doesn’t get any better than that
  288. [Music]
  289. so that’s right there is wide angle and
  290. then when i zoom it in you can see the
  291. picture quality is quite spectacular I
  292. absolutely love the wide-angle filming
  293. on this it’s so spectacular and I’m not
  294. even using a Steadicam or anything you
  295. know like you can see like everything
  296. with it is quite spectacular but I’m not
  297. even using you know something a gimbal
  298. or something like it’s it’s something
  299. else man and look at this we’ve got a
  300. boat coming across here as well so I’ll
  301. try to see how the tracking is on it
  302. and there you go beautiful that is
  303. as he cruises into the sunset beautiful
  304. right so if you tap on it it’ll it’ll
  305. follow him you can see spectacular the
  306. filming on this camera alright so that
  307. sums it up all of this has been filmed
  308. on my hawawa mate 20x if you guys are
  309. interested totally look it up and try to
  310. get it or at least try to get the may 20
  311. pro yeah so other than that here’s some
  312. of the photos that I took with portrait
  313. mode as you can see portrait mode is
  314. something else is so good it blurs the
  315. whole background because it has an F 1.8
  316. on it so you know this this phone alone
  317. I could basically just use for a
  318. photography I mean so many people ask me
  319. where the hell you get this phone it’s
  320. amazing well there’s a reason why I got
  321. this phone guys all aspects everything
  322. that it has with if wide-angle
  323. everything the quality of the video it
  324. was well I can pretty much vlog on this
  325. phone if I really wanted to so that’s it
  326. guys for this video thanks for watching
  327. hit that hit the notification bell
  328. subscribe like and comment below guys
  329. Live Love Laugh and definitely adventure
  330. I love you guys all and we’ll see you
  331. guys in the next video and I hope you
  332. like this review because I’m gonna be
  333. doing more of these reviews so yeah
  334. peace outs from Vancouver Canada find it
  335. on that note the picture quality on this
  336. phone is just absolutely spectacular and
  337. we’ll see you guys later peace out for
  338. now

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