Lenovo Legion Y530

Lenovo Legion Y530 Gaming Laptop Review

what’s up guys it is your boy Bernardo
from the BTN HD and yes one week with
the lenovo y50 and it’s time for the
review so let’s get to it now one of the
things that I definitely have to give to
Lenovo is the way that they took their
time designing the y5 30 I love the way
that the back cover feels it gives me
that whole vinyl kind of veil because I
feel like I’m scratching record every
time I’m touching it right here on your
left hand side you have the beautiful
Legion logo and the all kind of lights
up gives you that Y signature that’s
awesome on the back side I love the
indication of the ports that’s a nice
little touch there the entire body is
made out of two types the primary type
material is ABS plastic and around the
keyboard you’re gonna get this nice soft
touch palm rest material that feels a
little rubber but it doesn’t warm your
palms when you’re constantly using the
keyboard now the Y 530 is a solid laptop
it weighs around five pounds so this is
one of the laptops that you’re
definitely not going to be traveling
with a lot you’re gonna set it hook it
up to your power supply and forget it
and start using it right away now one of
the things that the Y 530 does not like
and that’s ports and connections if you
have the laptop to the point that you’re
able to open it up like this on the
right hand side we have 13.1 USB we have
your vent system right here to keep it
nice and cool to release all that hot
air on the left-hand side we have one
combo Jack which allows you to hook up
your mic as well as your microphone we
have an additional 3.1 USB port and we
have more vents right here now on the
back hand side we have your power port
which allows you to hook up your power
adapter we have your rj45 or your
Ethernet port we have your HDMI we also
have an additional 3.1 USB port you have
your mini DisplayPort and last but not
least you have your type C port now this
type C port allows you to output to a
monitor which is awesome
alright so let me stop talking and let’s
open up the Y 530 because this is an
awesome little laptop let’s take our
sweet time open it up BAM
awesome let’s turn it on and the power
button is located right dead center on
the keyboard so let’s power this guy on
and just fill that power you’re gonna
get introduced with Lenovo zwei logo for
the Y line up the légion line up let’s
boot into that desktop awesome so let’s
start with the basic right let’s talk
about the trackpad now the Y 5:30
trackpad has a nice little design has
that rectangular design which I’m not
used to but it was very responsive
didn’t give me any issues at all which
is a huge plus now the only problem that
I can complain is the left and right
click it gets to the point when you’re
constantly using it that clicking sound
kind of drives you a little crazy but
again other than that it works now the
keyboard for the Y 530 is a full bleed
meaning it gives you the number pad the
only thing that I miss on the number pad
is the Enter key which was okay the
keyboard itself is backlit now I did
complain during my unboxing slash first
impressions that the keyboard wasn’t RGB
but I did get used to the white glow of
the keyboards which weren’t great during
night time when I was playing games now
the distance between each key if you
take in nickel and a dime that’s your
distance which is nice to the point that
when I was using the laptop for my
day-to-day work stuff like typing email
creating Word documents and stuff I
didn’t make a lot of mistakes which was
a huge plus now the keys itself feels
extremely smooth in the fingertips I
like that plus it doesn’t give you that
huge loud noise of that clicking sound
like the majority of these gaming
laptops in the market has okay so we
went over the trackpad we went over the
beautiful keyboard how about the display
now the why 5:30 comes with a beautiful
15.6 Full HD IPS anti-glare display what
a mouthful with a resolution of 1920 by
1080 now for brightness this is the
highest that you could get on the Y 530
now to adjust the brightness you
actually have to hold the function key
and hit f5 or f6 so I’m gonna hit f6 to
go on the way up this is the brightest
and f5 to lower it all the way down and
this is the lowest now to me the way I’m
looking at it it’s
completely black and the only thing that
I could actually see is the Y in the
middle of the desktop of the you know
the logo which is awesome and that’s
because of the wallpaper so what I’m
gonna do function f6 to raise it up
awesome cool now I think the nicks
between the display is around 250 to 300
now one of the things I do not like
about the display on the Wi-Fi 30 is the
location of the webcam now the location
in the webcam is right in the bottom
that sucks because when I let’s go to
side camera let’s open up the camera
when you have the camera up it’s looking
up right that sucks you have to adjust a
display who wants that that’s the only
thing I do not like about the Y 530 the
location of the webcam now don’t get me
wrong the webcam is 720p HD which is
great but if the webcam was right here
at the middle dead center at the top it
had been awesome
now don’t get me wrong I don’t like the
location of the webcam but I did use it
with Skype when I was talking to one of
my friends I did notice that right next
to the webcam you have your two mics
which is pretty cool now Lenovo does
provide you an application within the
Windows 10 environment that allows you
to modify and adjust your microphones
for your environment so that application
is actually called Lenovo Vantage one of
the things I don’t like about the app it
takes a sweet time loading up plus it
needs Wi-Fi for it to work correctly so
once the application is up and running
you want to click on system tools and
within system tools you want to go to
audio and visual from here this allows
you to configure your microphone
settings so we’re gonna click on this
little tab right here click on
microphone settings and you are able to
mute it and unmute it adjust the volume
of the microphone and optimize your
microphone for the following for voice
recognition only my voice normal and
multiple voices now when I was using
Skype and talking to my friend I kind of
optimized my microphone settings to only
my voice on the other end they didn’t
complain it didn’t sound like I was
inside of a warehouse which was a huge
plus and the mics on the WHI 530 work
really well now in during my time with
the y5 30 I did notice some heating
areas that concerns me now don’t get me
wrong the y5 30 does come with dual fans
underneath the machine to keep it nice
and cool but by theory even though it’s
a great idea it has a flaw and that flaw
is when the machine gets to a certain
point in heating it doesn’t
automatically enable yourself to keep
the machine nice and cool you have to
turn it on which sucks
now the heating problems that I noticed
on the y5 30 comes around this area as
well as the back area those parts get
extremely hot now when I was gaming it
gets extremely loud as well
because the machine is trying to keep
itself cool now that’s not a duel fans
underneath enabling yourself it doesn’t
do that now the only way that you could
enable it is two ways you could use a
command or if you go inside the Lenovo
advantage app right there it tells you
cooling booths you can also change the
keyboard shortcut which is control shift
I by default it doesn’t use any numbers
so it has to be a letter now to enable
it at first I thought if you just hit
control shift I it would turn on that’s
not the case you actually have to hold
all three keys simultaneously for this
to work correctly
so if you have control shift I it
automatically turns on now you would
think because you turn on the cooling
boost it’s gonna you know keep the
Machine cool and then shut off that’s
not the case it’s gonna stay like this
until you turn it off and it’s pretty
loud now when I was gaming let me turn
it off for a quick control shift I hold
it now when I was gaming with the
machine when I was playing Street
Fighter it got really really hot I think
it got between a hundred to 101 degrees
when I turned the cooling boost on it
dropped the temperature extremely fast
but again I have to constantly turn it
off and on because it’s not going to
turn off by itself once the machine gets
to a cooling point now regardless if you
have cooling boost enabled on the Y five
thirty the performance is amazing I was
capable of going a little higher than
sixty frames per second when I was
playing Street Fighter as well as League
of Legends I was able to cap between 200
to 250 frames per second now the
specifications on the y 530 the one that
I have been reviewing for you guys let’s
go inside the desktop so we’re gonna
right-click on the taskbar we are going
to go to task manager we are going to
click on the max button right here let’s
go to performance tab now for CPU it has
a quad-core Intel i5 8300 H CPU with a
clock speed of 2.30 gigahertz now I see
a base clock speed
I think the max is around four point
zero for memory this particular unit has
eight gigs of memory of the
thing about the Wi-Fi 30 is that you
could max it out to 32 gigs now for hard
drive space for storage
it comes with a samsung solid-state
drive capacity of 256 gigs now it comes
with two GPUs graphic cards
you’re gonna definitely get the Intel
Ultra HD graphics 630 and that’s because
of the CPU now it also has an nvidia
geforce gtx 1050 with 4 gigs now the
graphics card is what made a huge
difference for me when I was gaming with
Street Fighter as well as a League of
Legends and even dead by daylight this
graphics card is great with this
particular machine now with the
specifications and the power that this y
530 has you have to think to yourself
how about the battery huh again at the
very beginning of the video I told you
guys this guy is a laptop that you just
set it at home plug in your power
adapter and just forget about it it’s
not really a travelling laptop and the
reason why is because of the battery
life like all my laptops I like to run
PC Mark 8 to run 3 battery tests and on
the last one I take it home fully
charged without the power that there and
I use it now for the first test on PC
mark 8 I gave it 2 hours and 23 minutes
on the second one it took about 2 hours
and 35 minutes and on the third one it
took about 2 hours and 40 minutes so
that’s really low again this is not
really a mobile laptop that you could
take with and depend on the battery life
it’s not on the fourth time I normally
like to keep track of how long it takes
to charge around 11 21 am i started with
18% to get a hundred percent it took
literally two hours and 13 minutes it’s
a long time to wait to get this machine
up and running with 100% to take it out
and travel with now for my fourth test
it took around 2 hours and 34 minutes
which I was really surprised that PC
mark 8 was on the money with their
battery testing because that’s how long
it lasts at home 2 hours and 34 minutes
for those individuals that need a laptop
to travel with with a strong battery the
why 5:30 is not
for you trust me okay so the battery
life sucks but the Wi-Fi 30 has the
specifications that I need to gain and
even do my day-to-day stuff with Adobe
Premiere Photoshop and all that other
stuff that’s awesome but how about the
pricing am I’m going to spend a lot of
money like $1,300 because of the
specifications but still I got a sucky
battery life I was super surprised on
the pricing on the why 5:30 so let’s go
inside the Lenovo site and let’s check
it out now the starting price for the Y
5:30 15-inch is only 750 bucks which is
not that bad
now the specifications it kind of varies
because it really depends on you you are
able to get this particular machine with
an i7
8750 h6 core processor the clock speed
on that is going to be 2.20 gigahertz
and you could get it up to four point 10
gigahertz with its horrable boost now
the one that I have been testing out is
that i5 processor with a quad core
processor now for display you could get
it two types which is pretty cool this
one right here the 215 X is the one that
I’ve been testing out this is the IPS
anti-glare and the second one which
they’re advertising is going to be a 144
Hertz now the one that I have been
testing out for you guys is 60 Hertz
which is not that bad
plus you are able to configure it with a
1050 Ti but for gigs they are
advertising that the battery life is
going to be up to five hours of battery
life yeah I proved that wrong memory
again they’re stating up to 16 gigs but
you can only get it configured within
the lenovo site 16 gigs but you are able
to max it out to 32 gigs now for storage
you’re able to get a combo
meaning you could get a solid-state
drive alright itself or you get a SATA
or you get a solid-state drive with
Isetta I would definitely go with the
solid-state drive and a SATA because
that SATA hard drive would be your raw
storage device now let’s look at the
current models right now because
different prices right now for $750
you’re going to get the Intel i5 a 300h
processor this is a dual core processor
with a clock speed of two point
thirty you’re only going to get eight
gigs of memory you’re definitely going
to get that gtx 1050 four gigs you’re
still gonna get that full HD nice but
this one only comes with a one terabyte
hard drive with 7200 rpm so Sattar three
no solid-state drive and the most
expensive one is gonna cost you around
$1,100 and this one is going to give you
the eye 78758 six core processor with a
clock speed of 2.20 gigahertz you could
go up to four point 10 gigahertz with
turbo boost this one is going to
definitely give you 16 gigs of memory
for hard drive space it gives you a
combo of 128 gig solid state drive and a
one terabyte 5400 rpm that’s pretty cool
and another bonus because you’re
spending more money you’re definitely
going to get a nice graphics card and
that’s the gtx 1050 TI alright so let’s
conclude on our review on the WHI 530
now one of the cool things I love about
this laptop is that it allows me to hook
up three external monitors with the type
C HDMI and mini DisplayPort this is how
I could accomplish this set up which is
pretty awesome now don’t get me wrong
that’s a pretty cool feature but one of
the things I do not like about this
machine is the location of the webcam
plus the battery life well two and a
half hours that’s not good at all for a
mobile device now this machine is one of
those machines that you just drop it on
a desktop hook up your power supply and
just leave it be now for the price point
of $750 up to $1,100 I don’t want to
call this a entry-level laptop if you
have a gaming laptop at home running a
980 GTX or under and you want something
a little bit more this is definitely
what you want you want a better
processor better GTX graphics card this
is what you should look into and that’s
why I’m classifying the Y 530 a
mid-range laptop for those individuals
that already been gaming for a while
already have a gaming laptop but you
need more power with your graphics card
memory storage and also your CPU this is
what you should look into
now hopefully you guys enjoyed this
review on the Y 530 if you have any
questions and concerns leave them at the
bottom and I catch you guys on the next
peace out

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