Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga 3rd gen

Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga 3rd gen Review

  1. hello and welcome to hyper dog digital
  2. this is Scott today we’re gonna take a
  3. look at the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 yoga
  4. third generation this is a tuned one
  5. device primarily designed as a business
  6. device but can certainly be used as a
  7. very good home device as well it’s very
  8. thin not real heavy actually pretty
  9. light it has a knife slot nice soft
  10. touch the surface mostly plastic with
  11. just a little bit of metal here on the
  12. hinges it comes in this black here that
  13. you see as well as a silver variation
  14. and the cost for this starts at a little
  15. over 50 on our dollars and has several
  16. different configurations that can range
  17. from that $1500 up to around $2,400 just
  18. like the other think pads it’s been
  19. tested against 12 military grade
  20. certifications so it’s getting the focus
  21. there there you go
  22. it’s been tested against 12 military
  23. grade certification tests and over 200
  24. in house durability tests as usual I
  25. just take the novels word for that is I
  26. can’t really beat this guy up too much
  27. it did survive my daily use as well as
  28. being handed around between the kids and
  29. it came out without a scratch so that is
  30. a positive there as well let’s go ahead
  31. and take a look at the ports in the
  32. external configuration of the device so
  33. on the left side you have a couple of
  34. Thunderbolt ports here USB type-c ports
  35. and you this first port you use with the
  36. included charger here to charge the
  37. device you can’t use just a regular USB
  38. type-c cable and you’re in your phone
  39. charger that doesn’t work I tried it
  40. does not charge it at all but the good
  41. thing is is that while you are charging
  42. it you can plug a device into this port
  43. here and it will actually charge that
  44. device by itself so that is actually you
  45. know acts as a an external battery if
  46. you happen to need one there’s also the
  47. standard USB port as well move around to
  48. the right side you have your Kensington
  49. lock HDMI port standard USB it’s a mini
  50. rj45 your headphone jack power power
  51. button with a little indicator light on
  52. it
  53. and a built-in active pen pop this out
  54. real quick here so you can take a look
  55. at that and as you can see the pen
  56. itself has a couple of buttons here an
  57. ear tip and of course it charges while
  58. it’s docked again I love how they have
  59. these pens included and I love even more
  60. how they’re built in I sort of just
  61. included as a loose piece of hardware I
  62. really hate it when though and you just
  63. have one of those things just hanging
  64. around that you got to stick into a USB
  65. port or something like that I don’t I
  66. don’t like that so on the bottom you
  67. just have some venting here and you have
  68. a speaker’s on either side okay on the
  69. inside we have a large 14 inch IPS
  70. touchscreen there are a few different
  71. versions you can get included which I
  72. will touch on a bit later the webcam up
  73. here at the top also comes with a think
  74. shudder and I’ll show you if you
  75. actually can flip the switch here that
  76. actually blocks off that camera for a
  77. little bit of additional security there
  78. for you
  79. you have your standard touchpad down
  80. here a fingerprint reader and of course
  81. just your standard keyboard now the
  82. really cool thing about this keyboard is
  83. that it will actually pop out or recess
  84. into the body depending on the
  85. configuration you’re using the device
  86. for example in the standard lamp laptop
  87. configuration just the way it’s normally
  88. set up you can see that the keys are bit
  89. popped out from the body now if I were
  90. to flip this back over into tablet form
  91. you can see that those keys have dropped
  92. down into the body let’s see if I can
  93. kind of do that on camera a little bit
  94. for you so you can see it a little bit
  95. better you can see those keys pop up
  96. and as you close it on back they go down
  97. all right now of course those will go
  98. down also when you close it like this so
  99. that the keys are not popping up and and
  100. hitting the screen or anything like that
  101. I personally have not seen anything like
  102. that before and I think it’s very
  103. innovative and I just think it’s damn
  104. cool the keyboard is also of course
  105. backlit so that’s another bonus as well
  106. moving to the back I did discover
  107. something else that I thought was not so
  108. much innovative but just really a good
  109. use of space if you look back over here
  110. and we’ll get this up a little higher
  111. for you there’s a little lid you can pop
  112. off and you have a spot for your SIM
  113. card and your micro sd card it’s not
  114. very often you see the back with two one
  115. have anything on them let alone having
  116. some useful ports I thought it was just
  117. really really cool and just a smart use
  118. of space there so overall I like to
  119. design I love the extra touches that
  120. they’ve included I like to built an
  121. active pin the hidden ports on the back
  122. and of course the keyboard just some
  123. really innovative and smart designing so
  124. let’s go ahead and take a look at the
  125. specs okay so just like with most
  126. laptops you are often presented with a
  127. selection of configuration options to
  128. more suit what you’re looking for the x1
  129. yoga is no different the different
  130. configurations affect the processor the
  131. memory disk capacity camera options and
  132. so on so let’s just kind of run through
  133. what we got on this guy and you can pick
  134. out what you want when you end up buying
  135. it the processor options include up to
  136. 1/8 gen intel core i7 with v pro lower
  137. options include the i5 version windows
  138. 10 home or pro with pro being the
  139. recommended version as usual the
  140. graphics card is an integrated Intel u
  141. HD graphics 620 card so it’s certainly
  142. not a gaming machine but should be able
  143. to run most low to mid level games
  144. certainly check the requirements for
  145. your game beforehand up to 16 gig of ram
  146. with the lower end being 8 gig this
  147. capacity can go as high as one terabyte
  148. PC
  149. solid-state drive the camera is a 720p
  150. camera with think shutter you can
  151. upgrade your camera with an IR camera
  152. option which adds facial recognition but
  153. keep in mind if you do that you do lose
  154. to think shutter with that the battery
  155. is a 54 watt hour battery with rapid
  156. charge it should get you around fifteen
  157. point four hours on a normal usage the
  158. display does give you several different
  159. options all at 14 inches with a
  160. touchscreen now those different options
  161. include fully high-definition IPS with a
  162. resolution of 1920 by 1080 which is what
  163. I have on this guy here you also can get
  164. a wide quad high def or wqhd with a
  165. resolution of 2560 by 1440 or an HDR
  166. wide quad high def wqhd at the same
  167. resolution comes with Dolby audio
  168. premium and also comes with several
  169. security features including Fido or fast
  170. identity online dink shutter fingerprint
  171. reader facial recognition which is
  172. included with the IR camera black or
  173. silver for the colors
  174. we’ve already gone through all the ports
  175. Bluetooth 4.1 802 11 AC wireless
  176. capabilities weight is just over three
  177. pounds but really it feels like it’s a
  178. bit lighter than that that’s really
  179. about it that’s the standard specs for
  180. this guy right here
  181. okay now performance with this device is
  182. going to vary depending on what
  183. configuration you are working with the
  184. unit that I was provided had the i5
  185. processor eight gig of ram and the full
  186. high-definition screen that being said
  187. it performed brilliantly throughout my
  188. demo period I put this through my usual
  189. paces took it back and forth to work
  190. used it first standard business type
  191. work Word Excel outlook web browsing
  192. note-taking meetings etc installed a few
  193. different games such as minecraft and
  194. whatever and didn’t have any problems
  195. running anything I threw at it my kids
  196. were able to watch their movies and play
  197. YouTube and played all their games that
  198. they like to play just had lots of fun
  199. using it and they beat it up a little
  200. bit and it came out just fine I do wish
  201. I had one of the high end models to put
  202. it through a bit more and see how
  203. powerful you can really get these things
  204. but unfortunately this is this is what I
  205. got and it’s it’s still very good
  206. battery life was pretty much on par for
  207. what was advertised I had no problems
  208. getting in the 15 hour range and beyond
  209. with standard usage that range of course
  210. will vary depending on what you’re doing
  211. with it
  212. so certainly playing games or watching
  213. movies would decrease that to a certain
  214. extent I was very impressed with the
  215. rapid rapid charge function I had to
  216. install Windows updates at one point and
  217. realized I was down to one percent
  218. battery life so I plugged it in and that
  219. Windows run it’s ever so quick update
  220. process 20 minutes later I was already
  221. back up to 80% that was all while it
  222. restarted a couple of times turning away
  223. on updates so I was pretty impressed
  224. with that this screen is a very big I’m
  225. sorry even the screen is very big even
  226. with the bezels on the side here it
  227. could be a little bit smaller but really
  228. they’re not bad they do kind of
  229. disappear off you’re watching it for a
  230. while so I’m not really too upset about
  231. that the screen itself has bright colors
  232. look great I’d love to see what the the
  233. other screens would provide but again
  234. this is a this one is still very good
  235. cameras pretty standard for your 720p
  236. camera that’s included in a laptop
  237. device so really nothing above and
  238. beyond
  239. with this configuration alright so there
  240. you go that is the Lenovo ThinkPad x1
  241. yoga very saw device has a nice thin
  242. sleek look to it with a very smart
  243. innovative design it’s got a good weight
  244. to it something over into tablet mode I
  245. was able to easily use it for an
  246. extended amount of time without fatigue
  247. which is great compared to most two one
  248. devices most of them are little just a
  249. little too heavy to use in tablet mode
  250. for very long again this is primarily
  251. designed as a business device but would
  252. work very well as a home device plenty
  253. of power versatility and options to
  254. choose from and of course I love the
  255. added bells and whistles like the recess
  256. in keyboard and the built-in active pen
  257. this is probably my favorite laptop that
  258. Lenovo sent to me in a while and I would
  259. definitely pick it up as my first choice
  260. if I was looking to to get a laptop at
  261. the moment that’s it from hyper dog
  262. digital and we hope to see you again
  263. next time
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