Nokia 9 pureview

Nokia 9 pureview Review

  1. so guys after so many leaks and rumors
  2. we have now the first look of the Nokia
  3. 9 thanks to even Blass who posted an
  4. official render image of the smartphone
  5. it reveals design aspect of the upcoming
  6. Nokia flagship smartphone
  7. this shows Nokia 9 PureView have an
  8. all-glass design with a metal frame the
  9. front view of the Nokia 9 PureView
  10. suggests that it could be equipped with
  11. an 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen like the
  12. Nokia it’s irako but there is no
  13. official information available on the
  14. resolution of display it is very likely
  15. to support quad HD plus resolution like
  16. its predecessor on the back it has a 5
  17. rear camera setup with the optical
  18. sensor and an LED flash just like every
  19. other Nokia smartphones launched in 2018
  20. the Nokia and PureView comes under
  21. Android 1 program and runs on Android 9
  22. pi out-of-the-box
  23. this smartphone is most likely to comes
  24. with a USB type-c port with a 3.5
  25. millimeter headphone jack
  26. it also reveals an in display
  27. fingerprint sensor on the phone which is
  28. the first for Nokia smartphone in terms
  29. of specifications the Nokia 9 P or vo is
  30. rumored to powered by snapdragon 845
  31. processor with up to 8 gigabyte of RAM
  32. and 128 gigabyte of internal storage
  33. this one is rumored to comes with a 5.9
  34. inch OLED display and backed by a 4150
  35. milliampere battery with a wireless
  36. charging support as for the launch date
  37. hmd global recently confirmed that Nokia
  38. 9 has been delayed since quality of the
  39. camera has not yet reached the necessary
  40. level due to complex camera unit and
  41. production challenges by Foxconn however
  42. a recent report has revealed that a
  43. smart phone will be showcased at MWC
  44. 2019 along with other Nokia smartphones
  45. that’s it for now subscribe my channel
  46. for upcoming update

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