Lenovo Ideapad 330s

Unboxing the Lenovo Ideapad 330s

hey guys welcome to another video after
a brief hiatus we’re finally back I’m
joined by Ryan the tech wizard as always
and we’re doing something a little
different we’re gonna be unboxing the
[Music]Lenovo 330s which is supposed to be a
supposed to be a budget gaming laptop or
something has him you ready on in it
about 450 bucks I guess so yeah we’ll be
unboxing this guy Sam what were you
seeing about that I wrestled burn
oh yeah well you should all this observe
fire hazards so you ready for unboxing
this thing yes well it is styrofoam
packaging in there comes with European
style plug small charger really small
and that is Lenovo 330 yes
[Music]movin up heavy side but it’s all
aluminum blood there’s no logo just at
the top
you have to open it from here yes there
you go and it’s a 15-inch 15.6 out
[Music]yeah that’s the ready
AMD Radian Radian IRA but uh Wow really
nice feeling keyboard all right well I
guess we’ll just power it up and set it
up and give it a little right so this is
no battery we’re gonna let it charge
they’re gonna set it up but just for
anyone who’s wondering this 450 book
budget gaming laptop has one terrible
yeah it’s a quickie clicking pilots nice
it’s a I 5a 250 you 1.6 gigahertz
processor those 4 gigs around although
you can get it with eight gigs and it
has one terabyte hard drive it’s 16 G
obtained Intel memory which is really
good option and it’s a little bit too
colors gray and gold but we got the grey
one so yeah we’ll just get it charged up
and set up
right so one thing you really like about
this laptop is that first off it just it
flexes all the way flat down so that’s
really cool
the other thing is not a lot of
bloatware just the usual McAfee and all
that but you can easily get rid of that
also the to travel on the keypad very
very good as you can see after the
McAfee was uninstalled there’s barely
anything on this laptop so it’s a very
nice and clean Windows 10 installation
which is pretty cool
so you’re free to use it the one
terabyte whatever you want to read you
like the keyboard right you’re super
sing you like the feel of it and the
trackpad which is kind of glassy I guess
so we should probably give it overview
of the laptop by the way it’s about it’s
about it’s not it’s not as thick but
it’s I would say a good two inches thick
and it’s all it’s an all aluminum body
so it feels really really good you know
in the hands it’s about 2 kgs so not a
lot not one of the lightest laptops but
you can expect that from at least most
gaming laptops also so it’s got its own
proprietary charger but it also has a
what was this board dress yeah charging
USB see
[Music]Jack which happens to be a hybrid
because you can use a microphone as well
in this case DUI yeah
so the USB type-c it can charge and it
also has data so that’s pretty cool and
on the other side we’ve got a full-size
SD card slot so there’s two USB three
slots not a lot but you know at least
you have a USB see data port back is
pretty bare-bones front is also just a
flap speakers are at the bottom right so
both sides
that’s the vent and you can add RAM and
you can add another slot into it a hard
drive as they’ve doing it under SATA
drive so it is customizable at that
point the display is 1080p and it’s got
sort of slim bezels but it’s also not an
IPS panels it’s Yin panel so you can see
where they cut some of the costs but
all-in-all very good laptop so far the
battery life is really good it has quick
charging stranger and it’s got a good
I’d see decent amount of battery life
you can do gold somewhere between 4 to 6
hours 7 hours depending on what you’re
doing don’t expect that much for sure
gaming but uh yeah its speakers are
decent enough they’re loud enough not
gonna blow you away but not bad and Ryan
really loves the trackpad which has
windows precision drivers and the keys
oh god the keyboards are nice and clicky
I like the soft touch good travel not so
much that it feels like it’s you know
you’re missing keystrokes but
good decent travel also it’s a full-size
keyboard that’s really cool so yeah Ryan
do you really like the laptop right yeah
would you recommend this for $50 Lenovo
330 yes yes yeah you give it a thumbs up
two thumbs up oh wow okay so he really
really likes laptop if anybody has any
questions you know please do comment and
we’ll try to answer anything when it
comes to gaming if you guys want us to
test out some games we will but this was
pretty much just an unboxing and uh our
furry on right see you guys in the next
video and for daddy and for me

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